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Africa is still one of the best travel destinations in the world. The continent welcomes visitors to its clear beaches, wondrous vistas and a rich history. From the National Museums of Kenya to the Arab Republic of Egypt- considered to be the cradle of civilization – Africa offers truly memorable experiences. 




Other popular tourist locations include São Tomé e Principe, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Reunion Island and Morocco. Around 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources are in Africa. These include uranium, platinum, diamonds, cobalt, gold, oil and gas reserves. Nigeria is the fifth largest exporter of oil, ahead of Iraq and Kuwait. 




Nickel and uranium can be found in Burundi, titanium in Gambia, and diamonds in Angola, Botswana, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. It is interesting to note that almost half of the gold ever mined on earth has come from a single place – the Witwatersrand, in South Africa.




Art has always been synonymous with Africans. The earliest form of African art is rock art. The oldest rock art images – scientifically dated from 27,000 years ago – are in Namibia. The petroglyphs, rock carvings that depict animals like giraffes that no longer exist in the area, are preserved in the Saharan sands in Niger and date back to 6500BC. The earliest known sculptures are the remarkable terracotta pottery heads from the Nok culture of Nigeria and are dated around 500 BC through to 200 AD. Metal sculptures, wood carvings and textiles also make up some of the early African art



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